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• Bearded collie £32-52

• Border collie £32-52

• Bichon frisée £28-36

• Border terrier £28-35

• Boxer £20

• Cavalier £28

• Cockerpoo £30-42

• Cocker spaniel £28-36

• English setter £38

• Golden retriever £35

• Labrador £20

• Labradoodle £32-40

• Newfoundland £82

• English sheepdog £35-60

• Poodle (toy) £32

• Poodle (min) £38

• Poodle (standard) £55

• Pekingese £30

• Schnauzer (min) £36

• Schnauzer (giant) £55

• Scottish terrier £32

• Shih Tzu £28-38

• Springer £30-38

• Tibetan terrier £30-40

• Soft coated wheaten terrier £30-48

• West highland £28-36

Call Now:  01278 787 455

Dogs full coat and clip off

Let us brush up your pup!

Brush up your pup

Included in our wide range of pet grooming services is pet brushing, clipping and trimming. Rest assured our friendly team are all fully qualified and trained in pet grooming to perform a thorough and efficient job, whilst keeping your pet relaxed and content at the same time!


De-Matting Policy:

If it is too painful for the dog, the coat will have to come off. A matted coat can harbour all sorts of annoyances such as fleas and skin sores. A matted coat can hold water which will make your dog cold; sometimes taking the coat off is the only option. We consider your dog's welfare to be the most important factor.


If your breed is not listed below, please call for advice and prices. Please note we do have a price increase once a year around the 1st February.

“She always comes out looking clean and smelling fresh, and is always happy” - David Mortimer

trimming a dog

Prices may vary depending on the condition of coat.

To make sure your dog or cat remains calm and stress free, we give regular breaks throughout the groom, and treats at the owner's discretion.

dog brushing